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Newbin is a start-up that eco designs solutions to make daily recycling simple.

All waste is a potential valuable resource, manage yours properly! 😀

Our mission


Our aim is
to drive social and environmental change to slow down climate change.


Making daily recycling easy
sorting the source waste to obtain 100% individual recycling at home and in the workplace.


Promoting a circular economy
close to everybody through the “R’s”: Refuse, Reduce, Repair, Reuse… and finally RECYCLE


Promoting recycling through technology
Through the creation of a community of environmental activists, awarding recycling through a large network of companies with corporate environmental responsibility, creating new collaborative economies, etc.


Our vision

A Zero Waste planet

where each of us is capable of transforming waste into raw materials and new resources.

A clean & healthy planet

free from landfills and incinerators, where cities are rubbish-free and pollution-free.

Circular economy

as the only form of sustainable growth and the economic model against climatic change.

Eco design

all our solutions are created under this new concept that is present from the idea to the production, packaging and distribution processes.

The individual power of people

if one person is able to recycle 100% of all waste they generate, then we all can.

What do we make?


make recycling easy
At home, you can put Newbin in the kitchen integrated in the furniture or independent in any available space.

At work Newbin can be placed anywhere.


Eco design
User friendly: with Newbin recycling will become a clean, everyday simple task.

Efficient: all in one. It separates, orders, centralizes, stores, minimizes the volume and it is used to carry the refuse to the street container. Handy!

Attractive: all components are designed with sustainable criteria


develop a technology
to measure the waste we generate and we recycle and from there develop new business models based on collaborative economy/circular economy.

Translator: Veronique Letellier