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Welcome to Newbin

Hi everyone! Here’s a bit about who we are: Newbin is a Project created to provide solutions to make recycling easier, through Eco designed systems that allow you to sort the source waste in daily spaces at home and in the workplace.

The project’s idea kicked off in May 2018 at the “Tech Startup Weekend” in Valencia, where our concept won a €1.000 prize by Iker Marcaide, the founder of Barrio La Pinada the first Eco neighbourhood in Spain.

Having completed the summer 2018 and winter 2019 entrepreneurship programmes by the UMH Elche, Newbin puts together a working team in July 2019 to develop systems that enable the sorting and storage of daily waste centralized in one single point, volume-compacting, that can be used as an auxiliary unit in the home and at work.

We realised that most of us have trouble recycling and that is mainly due to a lack of awareness and information.

Recycling is easier than you think. That said, 10 types of waste may seem a lot, but if you have a good, compact, user-friendly container where to put it, then that’s not a problem. At the moment our solution is called “The Recycler” and inside you can sort every piece of litter you produce.

Here is the most common waste:

• Organic
• Bottles
• Paper and card
• Glass
• Clean point (e-waste, batteries, cartridge, light bulbs, etc.)
• Drugs
• Oil
• Mixed (none of the above: sanitary pads, nappies, preservatives, ceramics, cigarettes, dust, etc.)

For our designs we use mostly recycled raw materials and the production systems are local and non-polluting processes, with the aim to reach many targets of sustainable development provided in the UN Development Plan: 6 Clean water and health, 11 Sustainable cities and communities, 12 Responsible production and consumption, 13 Climate action and 14 Submarine life.

We work towards environmental awareness and provide education about recycling through our social media platform We promote the “R’s”: Reject, Reduce, Re-use, Repair, .. and Recycle, since that is how we can ensure the reduction of massive consumption and subsequent waste production.

We care about the environment, and that’s what drives us. Putting an end to landfills and incinerators, transforming waste in economic resources and new raw materials, and with it all, being part of a community that fights to contribute to sustainable development mainly through reducing carbon footprint.

Our team is made out of 4 people: Nathalie Gidrón Sánchez, Founder. Francisco Bautista Cespedosa, Interim Manager. Juan Sebastian Ortiz, Marketing & Communications and Wenceslao de la Torre, Product design.

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