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Team experience in Green Fashion Tour, Germany

In the lookout for environmental responsible materials, our colleague Juan Sebastian Ortiz who is developing his Seabelt project for the manufacturing of Eco accessories such as ruck-sacks, bags, bracelets, among others, all with sustainable raw materials, attended the Green Fashion Tour in Berlin on 2 August 2019, looking for green marketing strategies, as well as to find out more about the sector of sustainable fabrics and upcycling methods.

During his tour, he visited 4 companies out of a total 42 in Berlin, getting to know different entrepreneurial stories and fantastic proposals of great value which have been committed with environmental sustainability for more than 11 years.

Being part of this experience allowed him to get the expertise needed for the development of projects that belong to the environmental sector and to find out about the need to establish strategic alliances with key organizations, in order to achieve optimal scalability and scope.

These companies have managed to keep afloat throughout the years, not only through the constant update of their value offer in accordance with market need and demand, but also thanks to the strong bonds they form with leading companies in the sector.

In that line, the Green Fashion Tour offers a new perspective to the Newbin project, regarding the materials it wants to use, since it is focused on Eco design and environmentally responsible raw materials, therefore the concept of the compartments for the different types of waste will mainly be fabrics made with recycled and/or ecologic materials.

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